The Witching Hour - Susan Laine This was an interesting story. It's main focus is on the fact Seth is 18 years older than Perry but there's also time-travel and acceptance in this short tale.

I liked the characters and respected the fact Seth didn't want Perry to settle with just him; he wanted Perry to explore what there is out there. Beyond that, Seth was a bit fragile (granted he just got some awful news) while Perry was stubborn and persistent. I thought they made a good match.

The story takes Perry and Seth back in time to the day when Seth realized he'd become a father. It was funny seeing Seth go from a 30-something sophisticated man to an 18 year old carefree kid. I really liked that part and the part Seth's grandfather had in the story. The fact this all revolved around a grandfather clock and that it wasn't the first time said clock did something strange made the story very appealing to me.

The only thing wrong with this book is how it ends without any answers. Seth changes the past and changing the past always changes the future but we never know how the future is changed and that's my only complaint because Seth would no longer be a dad, would he? That's a big change, IMO.

I still really enjoyed the story. It was a great, quick read and just the exact amount of light read I was looking for when I read it.