Soldier Mine - Amber Kell 3.5 stars

I remember when Ms. Kell posted this as a blog story. I only read half then (although I'm not quite sure why) but this story is probably one of my favorites from her so far.

The story starts off strong with a bit of a spin on mates. Where Vohne is a Thresl (a strange type of cat) and can't transform to a human until he meets his mate. Kreslan is that mate and while not wanting to be mates isn't as original, I liked the way Kres and Vohne handled the mating and everything associated with it.

One of the things I liked about this story is how it deals with reincarnation. You don't find many books with that theme which was very intriguing. As I said, the story starts off very strong where we learn about Thresls and how they choose their mates. When things start to escalate towards Vohne returning home is when the book starts to get too rushed. It went from nice and slow to fast-paced and suspenseful but then changed to completely rushed and kind of chaotic and a bit cliched. I spotted who the (second) villain was as soon as they were introduced. And we don't really get to explore the feelings Kres and Vohne have for each other; it's just kind of there with no development. Which, I suppose, is typical for mates stories.

In the end, it was still a very entertaining read. Ms. Kell is definitely improving with each newer story I read of her's but I wish she'd take a bit more time and flesh out the plots by taking them a bit slower especially in the end.