Changing the Guard - Peter  Hansen This review can be found at The Armchair Reader.

This little story was a real gem. Even though it is only 21 pages, I really enjoyed it and zipped through reading it faster than I normally would have.

The blurb does a very good job of explaining what the story is about. I’ve always been a fan of new and interesting worlds so the setting of this story was really something for me. An essentially frozen location with no one or anything for miles and miles around. The fact this story is scifi and deals with inter-galaxy intelligence agencies and all that had me glued to the screen.

The two characters – Tomi and Andile – where interesting even if they weren’t fleshed out like I would have preferred. Tomi is the one working security for a remote access node while Andile is the ‘engineer’ and suspected hacker trying to steal the node’s data. Tomi is by the book and handles Andile mostly as protocol states. The attraction between the two isn’t intense but it’s there and something you notice right away. When they act on that attraction, they realize they both have a certain gun kink that cranks their engines. It was hot but not as intense as it could have been and fit the story perfectly.

I really liked the way the author wrote these two. I liked how their sexual tastes matched up and the way it had a dubious consent feel to it. I also liked how there was an attempt for the characters to get to know each other as well as the little twist in the end. The only thing wrong with this story is the length and overall lack of details. I’d really love to read more about these boys especially with the way it ended. I’d love to see where they venture off too and what happens with them next.

Definitely recommended for those looking for a hot, quick read. I know I’ll be looking forward to more stories by Mr. Hansen and I’m hoping there will be a sequel soon :)