Wild Raspberries - Jane Davitt This was a surprising read. It was an emotional, intense and a bit angsty but definitely the type of read that grabs your attention and holds it.

While nothing extravagant happens to the point of epic suspensefulness, the story is still interesting because of who the characters are. Dan is a 20 year old runaway farmer. He's been on the road for weeks and experienced quite a lot more than he planned to when he decided to leave home. Some good experiences but mostly bad experiences. Tyler is a 34 year old reclusive ex-sniper. He's paranoid, stubborn and damn mean when he wants to be. What these two men both have in common is how damaged they are emotionally. I liked that they were so broken but I also liked the realistic feel their troubles had which made the story that much more real.

As I said, there isn't a lot of conflict within the story. It's about the journey Dan and Tyler take getting to know each other and healing each other. It's a lovely story. The only things I didn't like was I felt like the sex scenes were really long. I got a bit bored with them. I also got bored with Dan's childish behavior. I felt like he was having mood swings constantly and would take the coward's way out by running away. Of course, Tyler's stubbornness could probably make anyone run away.

Overall, I really enjoyed this story. I didn't like a few things but everything else I loved. I loved the relationship they develop and how they do fit even if their moods clash sometimes. Definitely recommended even with the HFN ending.