One Small Thing - Piper Vaughn I put off reading this book for a while because of the big hype around it. A lot of my friends loved it and the last thing I wanted was to be disappointed by a book when it's been recommended so much to me. I can safely say, I really enjoyed the story. It was sweet with a lot of sexual tension and, of course, a cute baby.

Rue, I consider, a kind of wild child. At least he was. He's a bartender at a club, likes to shake what he's got but still goes to school to become a stylist. Until Alice comes along. A drunken one night stand and nine months later he's got a little baby girl to take care of. He changes his ways for her which I found really sweet because it would have been easy for him to give her up like he was. Erik was extremely cute. I loved how much of a Star Wars geek he was and the fact he had such an extreme case of OCD while innocent enough to blush at reading/writing erotic romances. I loved both Rue and Erik and thought they made a great couple with baby Alice and Dusty to make their little family. I liked the fact that both MCs maid the other MC better and gave them the home they were both dreaming for and the fact their chemistry was so great that the sexual tension was burning the pages. Their banter and how comfortable they were with each other and the fact they slowly developed their relationship from a working relationship to friends to lovers was impressive and well written.

There were a few things I didn't like about it. While I think alternative first person is a unique style, it's one of my least favorites because I often forget who is 'talking' so a few times I had to backtrack to figure out who's POV it was. I felt like the whole misunderstanding between Erik and Rue was a bit cliche to the point where I was pretty much expecting it because of how smoothly their relationship had gone. I'd have also liked to have gotten more conversations between Erik and his mother since she was supposedly such a big part of him. I was also confused by the time-line. It was always 'a couple of months' until Rue finished school but 8 months later he was still in school. It was mentioned enough times that it caught my attention and not in a good way.

Overall, I really loved the book. Rue and Erik were great characters and their story was very sweet while extremely intense. I loved the fact that Alice was such a big part of the story and what brought these boys together with the help of Dusty. Definitely recommended and really hoping Dusty's story comes soon!