Oh Werewolf, My Master - Tadgh Faolan 3.5 stars

I enjoyed this story. It's a bit short but I thought the fact it's historical and based in Ireland was nice. This takes the typical dominant wolf and submissive human theme and adds a bit of a flare. Whereas Michael is the sub to Sheehan's Dom, Michael is still feisty and has no problems with saying no to Sheehan. Then enjoying his punishment. I really liked the fact that while Sheehan was such a Dom he practically growled nonstop (very hot, IMO), he was actually one of the subs in his pack. At least compared to his family. I also really liked that the females were more scary than the males when it came to the shifters!

The book was a pretty fast read, though. I'd have liked to know more about these wolves that are worshiped by Pagan's and hunted down by everyone else. I'm rounding up because I found Michael's naivety kind of endearing and I actually thought they developed feelings for each other even though this book essentially defines the term "insta-love."

I'm looking forward to the rest of the series. And hopefully one for the alpha/brother.