Beyond Complicated - Mercy Celeste 3.5 stars

It's honestly hard for me to rate this one. I admit that I really did enjoy it. Okay, I loved most of it but sometimes I felt overwhelmed with the unnecessary angst and the cowardice actions.

I'm not generally fond of ménages because I don't feel like the emotions are equal amongst the three main characters. With this story, there were times when it seemed like Liam, Kel and Seth were sharing the love equally and then times when it seemed like their feelings weren't the same as before. It was very contradictory and frustrated me a bit because I would think Liam loved Seth and Kel the same way only to learn that Liam actually loves Kel more.

Even with that, I was drawn into the story almost from the start. I enjoyed the pseudo-incest and the ex-lover theme of the plot. I even liked the fact this story was told solely from Liam in first person. The angst is very heavy and the situation tears Liam up, inside and out, but the way it was told was phenomenal. The way Liam and Seth's first relationship together was rehashed was interesting and how Kel insinuates himself into their renewing relationship was kind of cute and totally hot. Honestly, Kel was my favorite character out of the three. He had this sexy, innocent act going on that I really enjoyed when mixed with his stubbornness.

I was really enjoying this story but the more it progressed the more I got frustrated. There was a lot of sex to begin with and a lot of 'I love you's' thrown around from all three of the MCs. What really grated on my nerves, though, was the fact Liam would forget about the third guy when he was with the second one. For instance, he'd say he and Seth were over and done with, be having sex with Kel and be completely into Kel claiming his love, never once thinking of Seth. Then the next day he'd be with Seth, claiming he loves Seth and completely forgetting about Kel. Like WTF? How can you be in love with a person so much to the point you burn at their touch and your thoughts are consumed with them every other second of the day except when you're talking or with the OTHER person you're in love with. It made no sense to me at all. And it aggravated me. On top of that, I found Liam's go to move of just leaving with no warning absolutely childish and annoying.

Even with all that said, I can't deny I enjoyed this story. The story engaged me and the trauma and chaos that happened to Liam was something I loved to read about. Even with its faults, the story was good.