Cop Out - K.C. Burn This was an easy read. I enjoyed the fact it had it's sweet moments while simultaneously being angsty and tension filled without being overly so.

This book started out very well, in my opinion. It grabbed my attention from the start. Kurt is a rather stubborn and forceful detective when it comes to Davy which I found very cute. My heart broke over Davy and what he's been through and going through. He was just so fragile and vulnerable, it's hard not to feel something for him. The relationship these two men develop starts as just Kurt helping Davy get through losing a life partner. Slowly, they become friends and it was easy for me to enjoy the interactions and fun these boys had together. When they finally become lovers, things blow up and I didn't realize until that happened how much I was able to connect with Kurt and Davy. It was fun going through every emotion Kurt when through. Although, a lot of his harsher feelings were consequences of his stupid actions.

The story is rather slow and anticlimactic, aside from the beginning and end. It's a story about self-discovery and healing, about finding love in the most unlikely places and coming to terms with that love. It was very well written but more than that, the sexual tension between Davy and Kurt, even when neither realized it was there, I could feel right off the pages. I also liked the fact that everything started because of a tragedy and injury. I even found the fact they reconnect over Kurt being injured again sweet.

I loved the book but I had some problems with it. Kurt was an idiot the second half of the book. And a hypocrite. I didn't appreciate the way he'd say he was nothing like Ben but then kept his and Davy's whole friendship a secret. Just like Ben did. It just amazed me because they were friends not lovers but he still hide that from everyone. I thought the way Kurt grieved was heartbreaking but the way he handled the situation after he came to terms with who he was, was just ridiculous. I understand wanting to get things settled with yourself first before dealing with a relationship but how was Davy supposed to know Kurt came out for him if he never tells Davy?! Aside from that, Kurt was well fleshed out but I felt like I barely knew Davy beyond the surface. I'd have liked to know more about him.

Overall, this was a great, well-written story. I loved the slow build up to the relationship and seeing a real friendship develop between Davy and Kurt. Kurt's family and his partner were great secondary characters that, I think, made the story more appealing. I'm hoping with what happens with the epilogue, Ian will be getting a story, too!