An Unnatural Worth - Mya I really enjoyed this story. I've always loved books that involve disabled characters especially blind or deaf ones since you don't read many of those. This book is even rarer because you don't see many with blind vampires in them. At least, I only know of a few.

The fact Lexis is a blind vamp is one of the reasons I loved this story so much. Bryce, a bossy werewolf takes it upon himself to take care of Lex (even against his wishes). Bryce was pretty bossy but extremely hot in the way he handled Lex. Lex, on the other hand, is very stubborn and considering how weak he was for years, very determined to become independent.

The story is easy to read because the chemistry between Lex and Bryce is fascinating. I had a few complaints about the book, however. I would have liked to see Bryce and Lex being held captive. I also would have liked to know the characters as individuals a bit more. Aside from that, there was a lot of sex in the first half or so then after that the story was extremely rushed. I was also upset at the way Bryce completely disregarded Lex's wishes to let the past die, too.

Even with that all said, I really liked the story. It was easy to stick to and the plot is one that keeps you wondering what is going to happen next and how the characters will deal with it. I miss the fact Cheetah didn't have much of a role, though. I hope there's more to come for him because he was a a sarcastically funny man. And I want more of him!