Shadow Soldier - Carol Lynne I've been following the Cattle Valley series since I started reading m/m a few years back. It's a series I find completely addicting and one I'm always willing to read (unless it's menage then I need a push to read it). I like the fact that the characters are always changing and new people come in while old people may leave. It's interesting to see how the town grows when people settle in.

In the last book, Confessions, I was immediately fascinated by the low-key Director, Deacon McConnell. For someone so damaged and seemed without much faith in anything, he was still willing to help those in need. He intrigued me because he's physically damaged while still dealing with old memories. I loved him in this book because of that. I also adored Aaron because he's mentally damaged from being in the military. His drawings broke my heart but his love for the kitten, Groucho, was just too cute.

I really liked how this story was handled. How Deacon struggled with wanting Aaron but not wanting to bring Aaron into danger since Deacon was still the Director of the 'Agency'. I thought it was cute. I also liked that Luke plays a role in helping Deacon and Aaron get together. I loved the May/Dec aspect of the story and how they bonded over woodworking.

The only thing I'd have liked to see more of is Deacon actually working as Director. We get a few brief scenes but I would have liked to see him when he went to his meeting and what happened during that time.

All in all, definitely a great addition to the series. Those readers that have stuck with the series this long will definitely like this one. Especially if they enjoy May/Dec romances. I hope we get Midnight's story soon, though. I've been wanting his story for a few books now!