Blaze of Memory - Nalini Singh It's been a while since I've wanted to read M/F for more than one book. I originally read this series years ago and only continued with this series recently because of a challenge I participated in. I forgot how much I used to love Nalini Singh books, though. When I started this story, I wasn't expecting to still love it, though, because my tastes have very much changed in the last few years.

With that said, I can safely say I still love this series. While this book doesn't deal with the changelings, it does deal with the Psy. I enjoyed the fact that this book dealt with the Forgotten as well because I didn't remember much about them, to be honest. I loved being able to understand more about the Forgotten and, of course, of a defected Psy.

More than that, I liked Dev and Katya as characters. They just about broke my heart, though. Dev is so damaged in the sense that he's had to build walls around himself because of his job as Director of the Forgotten. Katya awakens not knowing who she is and eventually afraid she's being used as a trap. The way these two dance around each other, their aggressive banter and the sexual tension between them was extremely hot and very pleasing, IMO. I also thought it was awesome to finally see more of the ShadowNet, to explore the many variations of the Forgotten powers and of figuring out the mystery around Katya and how she plays a role with the Council.

While I don't exactly remember every book in this series, I remember most and it was easy for me to pick up where I left off. To remember things that happened that I didn't think I would have remembered because it's just that easy for me to re-immerse myself into this amazing world.

All in all, a fantastic series. I've already read Bonds of Justice and working on Play of Passion. I just can't get enough of them now.