Play of Passion - Nalini Singh I have to be honest, I didn't really like Drew in Brenna and Judd's book, Caressed By Ice. He annoyed me a lot. However, in this book, I really loved him. We get to see the soft side of him, the sexy side and the fun side. I loved how he interacted with Indigo and how much and long he's wanted her. The way he courted her was just adorable and the whole mating dance was so fun to watch.

What I really liked was how Indigo was more dominate (at least for now) than Drew was. Her reasons for not wanting Drew were slightly baffling in the beginning. I just couldn't understand her logic considering Drew is outside the pack hierarchy. So, how you can say you don't want a less dominate mate when said mate isn't in the hierarchy you are comparing it to just confused me (Did I just confuse you? Yes? That's how I felt. LOL). After Indigo finally gave in to Drew, I absolutely loved them together. Their bickering and bantering, fights and makeups were great fun and I really enjoyed it.

While the mating of Drew and Indigo is the most prominent of the story (more so than probably others in the series), there's still conflict with the Psy and SnowDancer. Pure Psy is becoming increasingly more forceful and trying to take advantage of SnowDancers weak spots while coming after those most important to the pack. There's not a lot of suspense until the ending or so but the intensity between Indigo and Drew more than make up for it.

Overall, another great book. I loved these two even if I didn't understand Indigo's logic of not wanting to mate with Drew. I LOVED Drew and I love this series. It was great to get back to the wolves, too, because they are definitely my favorites out of the whole series.