Kiss of Snow (Psy-Changeling, #10) - Nalini Singh 4.5 stars

I've been wanting Hawke's story since the very beginning when we first met him and Sienna.

I wasn't disappointed in their story at all. I knew Hawke and Sienna would be difficult because Hawke already had his mate and Sienna is not exactly in control of her abilities. My heart ached for these two on several occasions but the love they have for each other is so obviously there, you want everything to be okay even though you think there's no hope. Hawke is so stubborn and forceful that it was funny how Sienna stood up to him. Sienna is just as stubborn, though, so it was like two battering rams sometimes. Still, Hawke knew how to handle Sienna in every situation and Sienna was able to take Hawke as he is, cruel sometimes and tender others.

The plot still revolves around the Pure Psy targeting SnowDancer. We learn so much in this book because just about every Psy that is apart of Pure Psy is revealed which was somewhat shocking at times. How far the Pure Psy go to take out SnowDancer is incredibly baffling but SnowDancer fights back harder. Loyalties are shown and tested and relationships are created. The whole conflict with keeping Sienna's abilities a secret is fascinating because her abilities are so unique but I really enjoyed learning more about them.

While I loved the story very much, I had a few niggles. For one, this is a dual story. You get Hawke/Sienna and Walker/Lara. I was actually a little disappointed with that because I feel like we got cheated out of Walker and Lara's story. I've been wanting Walker's story for so long as well but I didn't feel like we got to know much about him and that made me really sad because if Walker is essentially more dangerous than Judd, can you imagine what mischief he can create with his own book?! Even if it was a novella instead of a novel?! So, that was one thing. Another thing is, Hawke and Sienna had sex a lot. Granted it was hot but I would have liked more interactions outside of groping, kissing and smexing. I was just extremely surprised that this book had way more sex than any other in the series, at least as far as I remember.

Even with that said, I really loved the book. Hawke is so dominating and Sienna is so dangerous, the two are definitely soul mates. Walker and Lara are so cute together and the way Walker was courting Lara when he didn't understand it was adorable. Still love the series and can't wait for more.