Coming Home - M J O'Shea I've always been a fan of M.J. O'Shea's books and Coming Home is no exception. This story had the perfect amount of sweet, intense and sexy to it. It's a bit angsty and a bit frustrating but overall I really enjoyed it.

One thing I loved about this book was how Tally used to bully Lex in high school. Lex hated Tally and Tally was a complete asshole to him. It was heartbreaking but years later when they finally meet again it's like a role reversal where Lex is the asshole to Tally. Lex is bitter and angry still about what Tally constantly did to him in high school but he's also attracted to Tally. Soon, Lex realizes Tally isn't the same teenager he was and understands that Tally has grown up, experienced the hardships of life and soon starts to like this new and improved Tally. I also got some perverse joy out of the fact Tally is broke and homeless while Lex has the money and good life.

The intensity between them is amazing because of the way Lex tries to come to terms with the new Tally and the old Tally. There's also the fact Tally is Lex's employee which makes Lex very uncomfortable. Another thing I loved is the mistakes Tally made in that town before weren't just forgotten but were actually held against him to the point he had to win everyone back, so to speak.

While I really liked the story and how it developed, I got frustrated by the last third or so of the book. Actually, I was more pissed off at Tally than frustrated. He acted like a complete idiot and asshole all over again and it really annoyed me. The way he treated Lex and essentially didn't give a shit about Lex's feelings when it came to Tally's "friends" really got on my nerves. I wished Lex would have made Tally grovel a bit more. As it was, that final conflict dampened my enjoyment of the story. However, while the conflict annoyed me, I will say that it satisfied my curiosity of whether or not Tally would revert back to his old ways if given the chance. Unfortunately, it also made me think less of Tally.

Overall, the story ended on a sweet note. I actually gave a goofy smile because the last scene is absolutely adorable. The passion between Lex and Tally is hot and sweet and the secondary characters made the story both fun and humorous. I'm looking forward to the sequel with Drew and Mason (even though Drew is part of the reason for the last conflict).