Love the Sinner - Avril Ashton 3.5 stars

I really liked this story but I had a few problems with it.

What I loved about it is how it deals with a cop and the leader of a gang. I love characters that are so engrained into a criminal life. Gabe, the cop, isn't actually on active duty but on medical leave for a majority of the story while Angelo, the gang leader, we get numerous brief scenes with him dealing with being a crook. Gabe and Angelo have amazing chemistry. This story deals with insta-love, however, so beware for all those that don't like that type of theme. There's also big possessive, aggressive attitudes going on, which I found hot because I like that type of thing.

What I didn't like about the story, however, is the amount of sex. I felt like there was just too much to the point I started to skip some. Gabe and Angelo tended to have sex instead of talking things through when they had arguments. I also wish the book had elaborated on a lot more scenes. I felt like some things could have been longer to get the full aspect of Angelo's criminal life. Then there were glossed over scenes, like Angelo's jail time, that I wished had been fleshed out.

Overall, I liked the story very much. Gabe and Angelo were definitely hot. The story is engaging if you take it at surface value but more than that the ending was extremely sweet and I loved that. I'm looking forward to the sequel because I know it'll have to do with more gang life.