Rainbow Courage - Charlie Richards This was a cute story. It's an easy, quick read.

Carter's a truck driver that's just been given full responsibility of his three year old son, Toby. At Toby's daycare, Carter meets the owner, Peter. They hit it off immediately except Carter won't take things far because he's in the closet.

I liked these characters a lot even though they aren't well developed. Peter seems kind and sincere but he can be a ball-buster when he needs to be. I liked that Carter wouldn't put Peter through a secret affair in the beginning. Although, he kind of threw that out the window when he can't stay away and seeks Peter out. Toby was adorable but then again I love kids in m/m stories.

The story doesn't have very much drama. A homophobic father that creates some conflict and the reason for Carter being in the closet. Then there's Toby who didn't seem his age. The boy was three yet he was talking like he was eight or so with complete sentences and perfect pronunciation BUT he was cute. So, yeah.

With that, I liked the story. It's not an extravagant read but it's nice. Something you'd want to read if you're looking for a quick smile and a small case of the warm and fuzzies.