Curse of Arachnaman

Curse of Arachnaman  - Hayden Thorne I honestly think this is my favorite in the series. It's wayyyyy funnier than the previous three. I just couldn't stop laughing, it was completely hysterical.

I loved Eric. I loved Peter. And I loved the suspense. Lots of melodrama from Eric but hey, that's Eric for you. Lots of funniness because he's snarky and sarcastic. I couldn't get enough of it and I can't wait for the next in the series.... which won't be until next year :'-(

There's a new supervillain on the block. One who doesn't care for stealing art or jewelry but instead is intent on ruining businesses and hurting people through robotic spiders, small and big. He's cunning and unpredictable. No one can understand the reasons behind the places he targets! It's crazy and then there's these freaky half-human-arachnids he makes people into :O

So, while Eric is his funny, sarcastic, overly melodramatic self (and now let's add in extremely horny as well), Peter and the gang have their hands full with finding and stopping Arachnaman and desperately hoping to keep Eric as far away from any accidents as possible. Unfortunately, it would seem as if these spiders follow Eric around everywhere he goes, or went, so of course, he's bound to get caught in some of Arachnaman's attacks. It was just awesome and extremely entertaining. I was hooked on the book and didn't want to put it down. Eric definitely has to be my most favorite MC ever and if you check out the quotes I've liked below, you'll know exactly why!

Honestly, how much more do I have to say how funny Eric is and how much I love this series before everyone else reads it?! Or gets annoyed that I keep repeating myself?! I mean, seriously, JUST READ IT ALREADY!