Made Man

Made Man - Evan Gilbert 3.5 stars - may contain spoilers

I have to admit there are two things I love to read about. One is mobsters and the other is the whole 'I pushed you away to save your life' theme. I'm a total sucker for both even though they aren't really extravagant and a bit cliche (at least the 'I pushed you away to save your life' part is).

This book has both, plus the added benefit of ex-lovers with two decades worth of hate, anger and bitterness. I liked the way the story was told, how it showed Eli in his life in California then when he went back to Missouri. I thought the pacing of the book was very good until the last bit where it went too fast. We go from Eli and Murphy just getting to know each other again through sex to all of a sudden a goodbye, an admission, and an arrest. Then months later a barely wrapped up ending. I was left confused on how things were left. How long is Murphy serving jail time? Is Eli going to enter WITSEC, too? But of course he has too! Where will they live? What were their lives be like now?

So really, it ended way too fast, IMO. It was nice and slow then went boom boom boom, which left me with loads of questions. I enjoyed the story even though I felt like we didn't get enough Eli and Murphy time. I'd like to read more about them one day, though, maybe to see where they end up and how they work out the conflicts still between them.