Anything for You

Anything for You - Ethan Day 3.5 stars

One thing I've always admired about Ethan Day's writing is how he can so easily make a comment that appears vulgar or even slightly disgusting into something very funny. While this one wasn't as funny as some of the others I've read by Mr. Day, I still cracked a smile or two over Jason's sense of humor.

I liked this story because of the struggle Jason went through with being an out gay man. The actions and ways he tried to hide his gayness were amusing and even his jealousy over out gay people was kinda of funny. I liked Chad enough even though we don't really get to know much about him. I will say Jason and Chad together are pretty hot and I found the way Chad handled Jason (with all his bitchiness) cute and sweet.

I struggled to rate this one because some things offended me. For one, I really did not like Jason's sister Annie. She was rude and bitchy (even more than Jason on Valium) and I really did not like the way she turned Jason into a doormat whenever she made an appearance. I also didn't like the fact that Chad was a bit of a hypocrite. He claimed it was okay for Jason to be in the closet and that he wasn't going to push him but yet he outs (and humiliates!) Jason to a bunch of people during one of his speeches. Then Jason rewards Chad by letting him at his ass. It aggravated me because I know I sure as hell wouldn't be able to forgive my lover so easily or fast if they did that to me. But that's just me. Aside from that, I only wished there had been more scenes of Jason and Chad getting to know each other. Considering they'd been together for apparently months during the course of the book, I didn't really feel like they'd known each other well.

Overall, I liked the story. It wasn't my favorite from this author but I can't deny he sure has a way of writing that always gets me drawn into a story. It's a cute book with some funniness to it and I know I liked the characters even if there were some elements within the story that weren't exactly my cup of tea.