Saving Ciaran [Outcasts: 1]

Saving Ciaran [Outcasts: 1] - Cassandra Gold This was a cute read about a wolf shifter, Drew, who stumbles upon a half fae/half demon creature, Ciaran, that is running for his life after being summoned by strange men. After helping Ciaran run from the men, Drew takes him home and helps him get accustomed to an unknown world. During their time together, they both develop feelings for one another and live a rather domesticated life even though they are scared to share their feelings.

While not much happens within the story, I thought it was sweet. Ciaran is so innocent and naive when it comes to humans and such because he lives in another world, hidden away from all other creatures. He's damaged in a way that he thinks he's shameful and walks on eggshells so that he doesn't get thrown out of this new life he's created with Drew. Drew is nice in the way he takes Ciaran in without any hesitation. He helps build Ciaran's confidence and treats Ciaran like he's special. He lets Ciaran be free and make his own choices which goes a long way to bringing Ciaran out of his shell.

I'm glad this is a series, though. I felt like it was too short and didn't answer any of the questions I had from Ciaran's old life, how the men were able to summon him and even Drew's family. I'm hoping we get more information about all that and also what Ciaran and Drew's life will be like now that they are officially a couple.

Overall, the story was still cute. It's a simple, easy read and one I enjoyed very much. I liked that they were dancing around each other and how oblivious Ciaran was while Drew tried to hide his attraction. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series.