Ty Hard (Willow Springs Ranch #1)

Ty Hard (Willow Springs Ranch #1) - Laura Harner This is a hard book to decipher my feelings on. On one hand, I enjoyed it in the way I enjoy fluff. On the other, my mind couldn't get passed a lot of WTF moments and I think overall that ruined my enjoyment of the story.

Ty Hardin is a Navy Veteran that's looking to recover on a ranch with his mentor after getting injured. He's got a severe case of PTSD, so far in the closet he might never see the door and now attracted to the ranch's owner. Cass Cartwright is an openly gay ranch owner. He takes in ranch hands that are either gay themselves or don't mind working with gay men. The ranch is his life but he's no celibate. He cruises for men outside his home and never gets attached. Until Ty arrives. Now Cass has found a guy that he'll stay with for more than a weekend and Ty's being pulled from the closet he so desperately clung to for years.

I liked Ty and Cass although I felt like they were very inconsistent characters. Cass is possessive from the start of Ty. Ty, however, is a little shell-shocked to do much more than sleep because of some news he just received. I think that's why I liked the story in a way. Ty is so vulnerable with his PTSD. He can't make out real from not real which makes him extremely dangerous. Cass puts up with him and that's admirable, IMO, especially when his life is constantly being threatened. Their attraction is cute but felt way too fast for the depth of love they claimed.

The book is very inconsistent, though. Ty is supposedly scared of being openly gay and more importantly public displays of affection but yet he constantly lets Cass kiss him in front of others with essentially no problems with it. Then there's the fact that some of the conflicts either came out of nowhere or didn't make sense at all. For example, a ranch hand pulls a gun on Cass all because Cass got between Ty and the ranch hand. Can I get a WTF here? And since they didn't generally make sense there were a lot of unanswered questions I had left over from them. I felt like that part of the story was choppy. As if the author wanted to make it all seem mysterious but ended up creating unflattering chaos instead. I also felt like there was a lot of sex. There's not a lot of anal but these boys sure loved their blow jobs and hand jobs! It grew tiresome to me, though.

Overall, it's a nice story. It's not focused on Cass being a cowboy but deals with the repercussions of Ty having PTSD and them having to deal with a bunch of petty crimes.