A Tale of Two Trucks - Thea Nishimori This was a cute story. I enjoyed the fact that it starts off slow and we see the progression of Mike and Joe becoming friends first. It gave a bit of realism to the whole GFY aspect of the story. Plus, I really liked how different Mike and Joe were. While Mike is an interior designer, well-dress and well-mannered, Joe is a contractor, gets his hands dirty and is really laid back.

It was interesting to see Joe incorporating Mike into his life by having Mike make him dinners and taking Mike out to meet his friends. I also liked how Mike helped Joe get over his wife leaving and the lose of his baby. When they finally got together, it was easy to see how it happened and I thought it was hilarious (but also a bit childish) how Joe handled Mike's ex.

It's not a perfect story by any stretch of the imagination but it is a good one. Very entertaining and even though things start to get a tad melodramatic, I still liked it. I wished we had seen more of Mike and Joe as a couple, though, but the ending was very sweet. This was the perfect story for the mood I was in.