The Auspicious Troubles of Chance - Charlie Cochet Okay, so this book starts out a little rough and very slow. I'm not very fond of flashbacks which is why the beginning was rough for me. With this story, the beginning/prologue is in the present, the ending/last chapter is in the present but the rest of the story is in the past. It's interesting the way it's handled but throughout the whole story, I just wanted it back in the present!

I liked Chance. He's pretty stubborn and aggressive and doesn't listen to anyone really. He tends to be insulting but he's a good guy and knows when he's needed. Also, he tends to internally ramble sometimes but I still enjoyed him. I loved Jacky. He's pretty intimidating but he's sweet and kind. Everyone loves him and he has an amazing way of handling misfits. He's also very hot and I loved the chemistry between Jacky and Chance and also how much Jacky got under Chance's skin. I loved the secondary characters Johnnie, Bobby and Alexander. I really hope we get their stories soon because I really want to see what messes they get into!

Only thing I didn't like about the story was the ending. I loved how Chance and Jacky end up where they end up but when it reverted back to the present, I was wanting to see their lives and how its developed over time! Instead, it just ends after a sweet moment. I was saddened by that :(

Overall, I very good book! I can't wait for the sequel, maybe then we'll be able to see what Chance and Jacky's lives are like in their new home.