Living Promises  - Amy Lane 4.5 stars

Amy Lane is probably one of my favorite authors. She's one of the very few that always make me cry. She's got stories that make me fall in love with the characters and that's exactly why I love her books.

In this one, it's no different. I enjoyed reading Jeff and Collin's story. Finally understanding Jeff and why he acts the way he acts was a real treat. Seeing him find his happiness in Collin, who just wants to give Jeff the love and caring he needs was even better. I loved how funny and snarky Jeff was and I loved how Collin was able to match that snark with his own. They both have dry humors and can dish out an endless amount of sexual innuendos. More than that, I liked the way they took their relationship slow. They had a lot of hurdles to overcome before they could even start to make a relationship work and part of that was Jeff finally grieving for the lover he lost years prior. It was intense but I loved every minute of it. Then there's the kid, Martin. Oh man, what a brat he was! But I really liked him in the end. He grew up so much in this book and became a great understanding kid and he helped Jeff even when he didn't know it.

While I enjoyed the story, I gotta say that there was a lot of Crick and Deacon in this one. Don't get me wrong, I love Crick and Deacon but I think it might be about time they caught a break. In three books, they've managed to have something horrendous happen to them and while the conflicts revolving them are heartbreaking and make the story, I also believe they take away from the main couple. In this book, I felt like they were so much a part of the plot, that they ended up being the main couple for portions of the book instead of secondary characters. I love those boys but they took away from Jeff and Collin and I didn't really like that. I understand why what happened to them had to happen because it toughened Jeff up but made him vulnerable at the same time and required him to finally deal with certain issues he had BUT there were some parts of Crick and Deacon that were of just them that didn't advance Jeff and Collin's relationship along and I think that's what I had the issue with the most. It was a second/third book for them as the MCs instead of being the secondary couple they should have been. Beyond that, I wished Jeff and Collin's HIV status would have been a bigger part of the story because I think it would have been interesting to see more of their illnesses and the problems it causes for them.

All in all, I really loved this book. Jeff and Collin were a great couple. I loved the way their relationship developed and how they both end up saving each other. I hope there's more to come in this series but I also hope that Crick and Deacon finally get a break and let any possible future couples create their own conflicts.