The Good Fight - Andrew  Grey I really loved this book. It's definitely a feel good read that I know I'll reread when I'm in the mood for a pick-me-up.

Jerry is a pretty mellow guy. He has his own computer programming business and hires John and Bryce when he needs more help. Almost immediately he's attracted to John but he doesn't want to jeopardize their new working arrangements. John is in a bit of a jam, though. He's trying to get custody of his niece and nephew but South Dakota is essentially holding them hostage and making John jump through hoops just to be told he's doing it wrong. When Jerry hears of John's problems, he helps John as much as he can and in doing so the two become closer and it isn't long before they start developing feelings and a relationship.

I really liked these two together. They seemed to fit in a way. I liked the fact that Jerry offers to help John even though they aren't dating then. I especially liked that Jerry was there for John when he needed to be. The slow gradual development of their relationship means that there's some tension but also that they get to know each other before anything happens. I felt like their feelings were genuine because of that.

At times, it was a bit too sappy for my liking especially since there's a lot of "I love yous". Other than that, I wish John's Native American heritage was more defined. While a lot is revolved around it, there's not much information on it. So, while there are references to how they live in poverty, we don't know about any of the traditions or their ways that were briefly mentioned.

All in all, I still loved the story. It's a very sweet, slow build type of book and perfect for anyone that just wants a relaxing read that's enjoyable.