Priceless - Cat Grant 3.5

Books with rent boys in them aren't a theme I generally like. I'm irrational when it comes to characters having sex with anyone but the other MC. I can't help it, I just don't like it and it usually dims my enjoyment of the story.

With that said, I liked this one. It's a bit divided in that the beginning you get it from Connor's POV and his interactions with Wes. The middle you get from Wes' POV but it's mostly of him with a regular client, which I wasn't too fond of. The end is a mix of both Wes and Connor's POVs and deals with their growing relationship.

Both Connor and Wes are interesting characters. They are geeky but not overly so to where you get confused of what they're talking about. Any physicist talk is not confusing to read about but actually interesting, although there isn't much of it. Connor's life is just all about his work so he doesn't take many pleasures in life. Wes is so cute with his hero-worship of Connor but he's also hard working in pretty much the only job field he can make quick cash to support his tuition in. They are a very good fit together. What one lacks, the other is able to give. They were sweet and hot together and I really liked how their relationship developed in the end.

While I liked their relationship, I felt like there wasn't much of it. A good part of the story is Wes' life as an escort and his dealings with 'Tom'. Those parts, while heartbreaking, I just wasn't interested in because you get a pretty detailed view of Wes and Tom's sex life. It had to happen to further the story in the direction it was heading but I still didn't like it. I DID love how Connor picked up the pieces and didn't judge Wes for his decisions.

All in all, not a bad story. The writing is good, the pacing is great and the story is interesting enough to keep you reading. I'm looking forward to the sequel because I want to see how these two can make things work. I wasn't all that fond of Steve but I'd still like to see him get an HEA one day.