Second Hand - Heidi Cullinan, Marie Sexton I enjoyed this story a lot. It was cute and sweet and it kept my attention throughout the whole book.

While I enjoyed it, I could never warm up to Paul. I liked that he was adorably oblivious but found his constant denial of being gay and his hang up over his ex girlfriend annoying and overdone. Especially since she walked all over him and he still kept taking her back or waiting for her to come back, which grew frustrating. So I could never connect with him because he seemed overly dense.

I loved El and his puppy, Mojo. El was so jaded when it came to people and relationships. It was funny how he reacted to Paul but denied how intense his attraction was. It was easy for me to form a connection with El so when he was sad, I was sad. It broke my heart whenever his mom and her condition was mentioned, though.

My heart clenched whenever Paul would mentioned wanting to be first to someone and El willing to give him that but Paul never actually seeing El that way. So it was extra sweet and special when they finally ended up together.

My only problem was I felt like it ended too soon. I would have liked to see Paul meet El's family to see how he takes it and how they accept him. I felt like some scenes needed a bit more length to them because I didn't really feel like their connection warranted that much love when they still barely knew each other.

Overall, a great book. I really enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to more of this series... also hopefully a sequel for Paul and El.