Turkey in the Snow - Amy Lane 4.5 stars

I absolutely LOVE Amy Lane's stories! This one is no different! It's such a feel good read about Hank suddenly being forced to take in his four year old niece, Josie, and getting unexpected help from a gym daycare worker, Justin. It's sweet the way Hank hates Justin at first because he hates drama and Justin's flamboyancy oozes unintentional drama but then realizes he's being ridiculous. I adored the connection these two had and how much they grow to love each other and make a little family out of the three of them.

It was sad the way Josie made Hank think he was being a bad parent but Hank took it all in stride and did everything he could to make things as much a home as he could for her. With Justin's help, he was able to give Josie the love and stability he needed. Beyond that, I just loved who Justin was. So flamboyant but sweet and kind. I only wish this story was longer so we could have seen Hank and Josie meet Justin's parents! That would have been really enjoyable!