The Nothingness of Ben - Brad Boney I read this book a few months ago and still have yet to write a review. I don't actually know what to say beyond how much I loved it. With so many reviews out there, I'm sure everything I say will repeat all the positive ones. So, I'll just say this:

I adored this story simply because it was that great. The characters were amazing. At times I wanted to smack them, I wanted to hug them but I never stopped loving them. The plot, while rocky at times, was a journey I was glad I had traveled through. The author did a great job of making Ben and Travis complete opposites but ones that fit together and completed each other.

I laughed because of Ben's brothers, I ached for what Ben was going through, I cried because of how deeply Ben and Travis loved each other but then I sighed in relief in how much these characters grew and how well everything turned out in a way that wasn't too rushed or crazy or unbelievable. It was just right.

It was a beautiful story that had just the right mix of angst, sex and dialogue to make me feel like I was experiencing everything Ben was experiencing. I demanded others to read this because it was a phenomenal story, it's not perfect but it was a story that left an impression and one that quickly turned into a favorite that'll I'll read again and again and possibly again.

My best advice, read it for yourself because chances are you'll connect with the characters and enjoy the story just as much as I did.