Two Lips, Indifferent Red - Tinnean This review can be found at The Armchair Reader.

This is a hard review to write, mostly because I don’t really know what to say. The blurb does a pretty good job of explaining the basics of the story so I don’t think it needs repeating. The only thing that probably needs mentioning is that Kipp’s father absolutely hates him, which plays a big role in the story. More than anything, though, this is a book that deals with reunions, scandals, affairs and deceit but not in a severely malicious way. If you like soap operas then you will enjoy this as much as I did.

Kipp is a sweet kid. At twenty-one, he’s made the best life he can have without the support of his family while going after his dreams. He’s feisty and quirky but also innocent and sexy. He grew up privileged but now he’s almost frugal which makes him a great match for Hyde, who’s at least twenty years older than Kipp. Hyde grew up poor but made himself into a rich and well-known business man. He meets Kipp eighteen months before Kipp knows of the arranged marriage so he’s gotten to realize Kipp isn’t into him because of his money. Their relationship is odd because you don’t really see their developing connection but you can just tell how much they both adore each other.

The plot takes you on a wild ride ranging from allergies to illnesses, deceptions to affairs, and illegitimate children to cowardly ex-lovers. The one thing that is obvious through the whole story is that Kipp and Hyde trust each other explicitly and while they might get in some sticky situations, it’s easy to see that they won’t be swayed by deceitful people. One of the things I really enjoyed, though, is Kipp’s relationship with his grandfather. I adored that man and his regret over Kipp and Kipp’s mom. I also like that this story is so family oriented. Kipp reconnects with his estranged family in the time he and Hyde are planning their wedding and he also gets to meet family members he never met before. There’s also the added benefit that Hyde, who was not wanted in that town when he was younger, can rub it in all the arrogant people’s faces that he’s richer than them and has managed to snag such a beautiful and sweet man.

My only issue with the story is that sometimes I felt like Hyde treated Kipp like a child and Kipp’s acceptance of Hyde’s secrets grew frustrating for me. As a fiancé, Hyde should have been communicating with Kipp about certain things instead of just saying something along the lines of everything will be fine or don’t concern yourself with it. There are no doubt unanswered questions about the story but I didn’t mind so much the mysteriousness because of everything that happened over the course of the book. Although, I will say that I hated Hyde’s ex, Aaron Richardson, talk about someone I wanted to strangle! The only other thing readers might have an issue with (although I didn’t) is that Kipp sometimes could have been a woman instead of a man, for example, at times, his mannerisms were feminine and his speech was like how a cultured wife would speak. This story also took place over, more or less, a week so some might think everything happens too fast but, in my opinion, it was fast-paced without being rushed. Everything happened in its own time and were dealt with when needed to be.

All in all, there was something special about this story. I’ve always been a fan of Tinnean’s books but this one pushed all my happy buttons. Yes, it does have a feel of modern day Harlequin with a dash of soap opera to it but I found the story highly entertaining. I didn’t mind how much drama there was, unnecessary or otherwise, because it flowed so well with the rest of the story. It was an easy, enjoyable read because it featured a lot of different conflicts and situations that never made the story lose its appeal but more than anything, this one was sweet with a ton of funny and amusing moments. It’s adorable and I loved the fact that it left me with a smile, especially since I found the ending so incredibly sweet.