To Have a Human - Amber Kell This was a cute, fast read. I really liked that it was a bit different than other shifter stories because of the whole human alpha thing.

I liked Carey especially since he was such a badass. The fact that he wasn't a whimpering human who got himself kidnapped was a plus for me. Broden, a jaguar shifter and the alpha of his pride, was actually weaker than Carey, which was kind of funny. But also a bit sad because he was able to get kidnapped so easily. They are cute together, though, and of course I loved that they were mates!

Sadly, though, this story has no real depth. Neither Carey nor Broden know anything about each other aside from where they work and that Carey is in a band. I also felt like the big resolution in the story was very weak. I was expecting something intense and suspenseful but was left disappointed when barely anything but talking happened. On a side note, the blurb is rather misleading. 'Hunters' are actually a pack of wolves who are going after Carey (by kidnapping Broden) not Carey's friends. Also, we never got to see Broden in his jaguar form *pout*.

Overall, not a bad story but not exactly a great story either. It had a lot of potential but fell short on achieving that potential. Regardless, I'm looking forward to the next in the series because it features a crocodile :)