Accidentally Beautiful - Deanna Wadsworth This is a rather cute, quick story. I really enjoyed it.

I enjoyed these characters. Martin is a rather stuffy, proper man. He doesn't do anything dangerous or spontaneous and takes his job as Head Concierge very seriously. He's a Scottish native but lives in Canada when he's not based in the Caribbean. Garrett is from Detroit, owns a bar and is rather adventurous. He's intense and takes chances and he's taken a chance on Madame Eve's 1Night Stand Service where you're liable to meet your match and soul mate.

These two were cute together. I liked the fact that Garrett knew that Martin was his date but Martin had no idea that his friends set him up in Madame Eve's services. It was sweet watching him come out of his shell and enjoy life with Garrett. This story is a bit of insta-love but it's easy to believe that it's Madame Eve working her magic and putting soul mates together. It's also more intense emotions for each other than love but they plan a future together. It has a a bit of D/s relationship but Garrett is always gentle with Martin.

I really like the story and the only thing I had a problem with is how short it was. I really wish it had been longer because I'd love to see these boys creating a more grounded relationship together.