To Catch A Croc - Amber Kell I liked this one better than the previous book in the series, [b:To Have a Human|16192589|To Have a Human (Banded Brothers #1)|Amber Kell||22112967]. Mostly because of the different type of shifters - a crocodile and a puma.

I liked that Denton, the crocodile, was both self-confident but uncertain. He would be so cocky at times but then be almost uncertain to ask a question. I found it really cute. Isaac, the puma, is pretty much just cocky and possessive from the beginning. While both characters don't have much depth, they do make a good couple together and Denton sure does know how to take charge when the situation demands it!

I liked that that we got to see both Denton and Isaac in shifter form, especially getting so much of Denton as a croc. Unfortunately, this book started off going towards one conflict but ended up veering in the opposite direction. It felt weird that the salties were such an issue in the beginning but then we deal with almost exclusively the problems with Marty's flock. Since that happened, the conflict with the salties was very disappointing and anticlimactic and is actually told instead of shown at the very, very end. I was hoping for a lot more out of this especially because of Denton's past. To be honest, I was really liking this story until the end but because of the suddenness of the ending and the lack of showing the resolution to the salties, my enjoyment waned a bit.

Overall, this was an easy and fun read but like with the previous story, it had a lot of potential that just wasn't achieved. Still, I can't deny that I like the series and I'm looking forward to reading about Eaton and Marty and hopefully seeing Harris get his own mate, gotta love those bear shifters!