Changeling Moon - E.E. Ottoman This review can be found at The Armchair Reader.

Dyer is just back from a job when he goes to meet Bran, the rent boy he visits to help with keeping control of this power he has. Bran himself is a shifter, a fae, and understands, but also needs, Dyer’s release of power. It’s been six months since they’ve seen each other but for the past two years Dyer has been paying Bran to take his excess magic. During that time, both men have been developing feelings for each other. When Dyer sees Bran this time, Dyer ends up passing out and when he awakens, Bran changes their whole relationship by asking him to tea. Unfortunately, their tea date doesn’t amount to anything because Bran becomes slightly sick himself. However, he’s asked Dyer to the opera and Dyer agrees. When the opera approaches, the two are slightly awkward together because Dyer saw Bran while he was propositioning a client. When things get sorted out, Dyer admits his feelings for Bran and vice versa. Their attraction is intense and their unrequited feelings finally have an outlet where they can both be themselves. Unfortunately, they aren’t even together a full day before Dyer has to leave town again but asks Bran to come with him and start a new life with Dyer.

I really liked this story. It’s cute and sweet but also hot. Dyer is a bit of an enigma, though. Even with the story, I was confused on what type of ability or magic he has. He’s adamant he’s not an alchemist but all you really know is that he has some strong, intense power running through his blood that makes his skin crawl when he accumulates too much of it but it didn’t seem as if he actually performs magic. Instead, he gives that power to Bran and Bran sucks it into himself, which feeds his need for magic

I really liked these two. There isn’t a lot of depth to them but they are appealing and likeable characters. They have their own personalities, which I find is sometimes hard for an author to capture when writing such a short story. With that said, the world isn’t explained at all. While in a historical setting, people didn’t seem to mind two men walking down the street with their arms entwined and their base for education being alchemy. It was puzzling at first but after a while, I focused on the characters instead of the world.

In the end, this was a very enjoyable story. I adored the characters and their feelings for each other. It actually felt like Bran was courting Dyer, which I found sweet and amusing. The story is definitely short but was satisfying to me. I do wish it was much longer or hopefully there will be a sequel because I’d love to see these two in action and working the mysterious jobs Dyer leaves town for. Definitely recommended.