Lucky - Ana Bosch This was a cute, funny Christmas story. I really enjoyed it.

In the beginning, Martel is obnoxious and arrogant but I found the fact he blamed all his bad luck on cutting off his dreads hilarious. He's sulky and panicky after that. Especially since he desperately has to find a date for a Christmas party and keeps getting rejected in some way or another. At times, I didn't really liked Martel to be honest. I found his constant mention of how hot men were slightly annoying. Especially when he'd think of Felix then turn around and think of how sexy, gorgeous or lick-able another guy was.

Felix, Martel's best friend, was definitely a fun guy. I adored him from the beginning. He's rational, bright and entertaining. He soothes Martel even when Martel wants to be pissy. I loved the fact this was friends to lovers because it made their eventual coming together all the more sweeter. I just wished it was longer! I'd love to see how they deal with everything in the light of day.

Also, Martel's co-worker was extremely creepy and disgusting but I'm glad for the role he played in making Martel see what he's missing by letting Felix pass him by!