Lessons Learned, Wishes Earned - Cassandra Gold This was a sweet story. It doesn't revolve around a romance but actually gears towards making Lachlan realize he should be thankful for what he has now instead of being sulky about his life. Haven, the boss's son, is actually very kind and down to earth. I found that very refreshing because he didn't act like the boss's son but instead is caring and giving. I enjoyed the way Lachlan's assumptions about Haven were constantly disproved.

While the story might not be centered around a romance, it does give the impression that one will continue in the end. The ending is more hopeful than anything else. I kind of wish it was more settled and would let us know what will happen next but it fit the story and it was interesting to see how one night helping the homeless changed all of Lachlan's views on his life and on Haven. It doesn't go into much detail about the characters or much into their lives but it's a nice, enjoyable short story.