Betting on Snow - H. Lewis-Foster This was a nice story. I liked it, although it is too quick for the storyline, IMO, but it's enjoyable enough.

I liked how Paul turned into a manny and took care of George for Ben. It was sweet how Paul knew exactly how to handle George. I also liked that George was such a hassle at times.

Unfortunately, the book had a lot of problems. For one, George is two years old but he talks like a much older kid and acts like a much older kid. I liked that it was slowish in the beginning because you got to know the characters a tad but the ending was way too rushed. I didn't feel a connection between Ben and Paul because they are rarely alone together in the story. Aside from that, it kind of left me hanging, like it was incomplete.

The book really should have been much longer because I think a more spaced out and detailed story would have been nice. As it was, this was a good read and I liked it but it wasn't exactly anything special.