The Colors of Pastor Saul - S.A. Garcia This was an odd book. Slightly depressing but also intriguing in a way. I had a lot of trouble getting into it because the beginning is very confusing with being pushed into a dystopian world and made to understand it all. Some things are explained on but not enough to fully understand how it all happened and why so many people are homeless. I have to say that I wasn't liking it in the beginning and I'm not quite sure I liked it in the end.

It is intriguing, though. The fact Saul can see auras was interesting but no explanation on how that happened was given. I wouldn't consider this a romance either. In fact, it was kind of dark. It had a lot of purple prose that grew annoying in the end because those excessive adjectives took away from getting the questions I wanted answered. I did like Ben but we don't see much relationship between Saul and Ben develop.