Mending Noel - Charlie Cochet This is my favorite story so far in this year's advent calendar. Right from the beginning it is interesting, fun, and suspenseful. I enjoyed the way Noel hated Tim so much and Tim's confusion over that hatred. It's heartbreaking but when you figure out the reason for Noel's bullying, you feel really sorry for him. But then Tim's soft heart soothes Noel, which made it really special.

I loved both Noel and Tim and I loved that Jack Frost and Ruby (Rudolph) played a role in getting them together. I LOVED this little world with all the cute names for everything. I adore Santa's elves so this was a real treat for me. This was a fast-paced story that had sweet, slightly angsty, and fun moments along with the occasional bouts of action. Very enjoyable and definitely recommended! I know I'll be re-reading it again and hoping for a continuation of these elves!