The Hawk and the Rabbit - Elizah J. Davis This review can be found at The Armchair Reader.

Leal DuFray is a very powerful sorcerer from Serenee and living with his Prince in Ecottia, but when the Queen of Ecottia is cursed and he can’t cure her, he seeks the help of Sir Vincent Barclay, the leader of the Dragon Knights and known widely as Hawk. The relationship between Leal and Hawk is one of animosity and malice, at least on Hawk’s part for he hates all sorcerers with a passion. When Hawk learns that the only way to save the Queen is by enlisting Leal’s help, he pushes his biases aside and takes Leal on an adventure. While they embark on a journey through unicorns, phoenixes, gryphons and a sea serpent, they still have no idea who would wish to harm their beloved Queen. Was it a sorcerer or was it one of the Queen’s people?

This was a highly entertaining story. Being a fantasy lover, it was a real treat to be thrown into such an interesting world. I really enjoyed the fact that Hawk was so hostile to Leal, the little rabbit, but still warred with his feelings over him. It was amusing to see his struggle from thinking Leal was a horrible man to learning he has a soft heart. I loved Leal because he seemed innocent but he’s really not. I loved that Leal admired Hawk so much but was disappointed with their first meeting.

The journey they take was interesting and my only regret was that it was too short and didn’t offer enough details in some places. As it was, I really enjoyed the troubles they went through to get some of the ingredients for a spell to save the Queen. I really liked the way Hawk and Leal got closer with each task completed. I adored the slow progression of the story and how Hawk thawed to Leal and was able to change his views on all sorcerers. Also, the ending was absolutely perfect and so sweet it makes me smile just thinking about it!

All in all, this was a sweet, slow-burning story. I really enjoyed how they gradually developed a relationship with the time they had to spend together. While some scenes could have been more detailed, the overall quest they had to go on was very entertaining and the world was extremely intriguing. The villain is a bit obvious but that didn’t hinder my enjoyment of the story at all. It was a great book and I’m hoping we can see more of this world in the future.