Safe Harbor - Laylah Hunter I was really confused on the setting and genre for this story. It's told in first person from Blake's POV and I couldn't tell if it was historical or contemporary; set in America or the UK. It seems like a historical setting because they don't use electricity but light candles and such, yet it's okay for two guys to embrace so openly. And while it's set in Boston, they use British words a lot.

It's a nice enough story about coming home and the characters are interesting so I enjoyed it but the setting issue nagged me throughout the whole story. I also felt like there should have been more background about Tom and Blake's history. I felt like the explanation given for why Blake ran away was too brief especially since it centered around his father but not much about his death was elaborated on. Overall, I liked the story but it was definitely too short for the content, IMO. I did love the grandmother, though! She was pretty awesome.