Wish List - J.J. Cassidy 3.5 stars

This is probably one of my favorites out of the Advent Calendar this year. It's sweet but slightly heartbreaking. Berg, who's just out of the Army, is very sad and lost. He always settled for guys who wanted him and not necessarily for ones he wanted. So, when he goes to see an ex-lover he gets a nasty surprise. DJ, who's the neighbor of the ex, comes home to find Berg standing outside his house looking dejected. Not wanting to be alone on Christmas Eve, he invites Berg to spend the holiday with him.

I really liked this story because Berg is kind of broken and doesn't really know what to do with himself. He's an ordinary guy with ordinary looks so he can't understand why DJ would want someone like him. Even though Berg doesn't think he's attractive, DJ thinks Berg is sexy as hell and they both hit each others buttons. I really liked this story because of that raw sexual attraction. The writing is phenomenal and engaging and the story is slow but yet not. I felt like I could actually feel the connection between these guys, which made the story very appealing.

The only problem is that this one is pretty much one big sex scene. For me, I hate when stories are like that but the author's style drew me in even when there was so much sex. I really enjoyed the story but I really hope there's a sequel because I want to see what happens to these guys next!!