Bless Us Every One - Gina A. Rogers I adored this story. Edan is reclusive and been living a dull life for the past five years while Tim is exuberant and full of life, trying to live his life to the fullest. They both had their issues but while Tim embraced it and moved forward, Edan is too scared to move on. I loved the way Tim helped Edan change but Edan didn't change for Tim, Tim just made Edan realize there's more to life than being afraid.

While the story was short, I still very much enjoyed the relationship that was building. The banter and fun they had together was so sweet it had me smiling. I loved that Edan grew into a stronger person just from having Tim as a friend. More than that, I liked that they became friends before anything else developed. I really wished this had been longer, though, because I want to see them develop more of a relationship! As it is, theirs is just starting but it would be awesome to meet the families and see how they make a relationship work outside the holidays.