Rudolph - Sam C. Leonhard This story was way too short! It seemed more like a snippet of a scene than an actual story but I really enjoyed it. While Rudy might be moody, grouchy and resents Christmas (even though he's Santa), he's so cute I just wanted to cuddle him. The world this story takes place in is very interesting and I really wish it had been longer so we could have explored it all further.

Beyond that, this was such a cleverly done read. A cookie turning into a man?? Who would have thought! Rudy sure didn't! I loved his reactions to the cookie and how, at first, he couldn't stop staring and pretty much freaked out when it started to change. I loved the whole concept but I really wished it had been longer so we could see what Rudy does with Jack and how Jack copes with everything. Very interesting story, though!