Three Fates - Andrew  Grey, Mary Calmes, Amy Lane Overall rating - 4.25

Fate Delivers a Prince by Andrew Grey - 4 stars

This was a very intriguing story. Not only does it provide uniqueness in the form Cheyenne having a skin condition, one that his werewolf abilities can't cure, but Arthur, Chay's love interest, is a non-shifting wolf. It's always interesting to see shifter stories portrayed differently and while this one was a bit sweet and used the big misunderstanding conflict(a conflict I'm not very fond of), Grey's writing pulls you in and makes you adore both characters. This was a good story but really wished it had been longer so we could have seen what these two do after they get back together.

Jump by Mary Calmes - 5 stars

I loved this story so much. Calmes has always been able to make me fall in love with her conventional characters within pages of her stories. While this has severe insta-love, I loved the chemistry between Cass and Raza. I adored the fact these two are reincarnated and instantly know that they are meant for each other. I was confused once or twice with a few references to Raza's waiting for Cass but other than that, the story was phenomenal, exactly what I would expect from Calmes and perfect for the mood I was in.

Believed You Were Lucky by Amy Lane - 3.75

I enjoyed this story because Leif was so happy all the time. He was exuberant and didn't often get sad or lonely because he had his luck and that luck gave him things others didn't have. It was interesting to see Hacon and Leif together because they were so different. Hacon so lonely and cold while Leif was joyful and content. I liked the mystery regarding who was trying to kill Hacon. Although, it ended a bit too conveniently and hinted at things getting more complicated and bigger yet never delivered on that aspect. I still really enjoyed the story and the love they developed. It dragged a tad towards the middle and I was confused at times regarding a few things with the Fates, Thor and Loki but also with some things Hacon and Leif said but I still really enjoyed the story a lot (but it's never said which one was actually Thor's kid). Also, Thor and Loki?? Omg, SMOKIN' HOT! Love Loki so much!! I wished we got to see Leif and Hacon later on and how they make their vast differences work.