Binding Ties (The Bestiary) - Alessandra Ebulu This review can be found at The Armchair Reader.

This was a rather interesting story. Taeyo is a kitsune with seven tails who’s run away so he wouldn’t have to mate with another kitsune he doesn’t love. Unfortunately, his curiosity causes him to be the next victim in another kidnapping. In swoops Germane, an agent tasked with finding Taeyo and inadvertently ends up getting a lead on solving the kitsune kidnapping case he was originally assigned to. However, Taeyo’s managed to bond himself with Germane even though Germane is against the idea. Now they have to figure out how to solve the case while Germane gets used to being with a man he can barely stand but truly desires.

I think one of the most appealing things about this story was the kitsune aspect. A fox with multiple tails is just fascinating to me but Taeyo doesn’t have the normal three tails, he has seven and is a silver kitsune, one of the strongest of the kitsune breed. It was intriguing to read about Taeyo and his family, how crazy they all are and how Germane fit into it all, as well as, how Germane’s family reacts to Taeyo.

At first, I didn’t like Taeyo because he’s very arrogant and egotistical. He has a haughty attitude that basically says, “You must worship me for I deserve such a thing simply because I’m me.” It was slightly annoying but then Germane’s reactions to Taeyo made it funny. I adored Germane because he was rough, grumpy and made Taeyo know he wasn’t wanted at first. I found it funny how everyone was pretty much horrified Germane was part dog/part wolf because apparently kitsunes can’t stand dogs.

While the conflict within the story is very easily resolved, it was entertaining to see Taeyo work with Germane, to see how well they worked together. While I enjoyed the story very much, though, I felt like there needed to be more details around everything. A lot of things were mentioned but never elaborated on so it left me confused and bewildered with a ton of questions. It also felt too rushed overall. A lot of events happen but they go by so quickly that it feels like you only get a taste of it before it’s gone.

Overall, a good story, very enjoyable with a different style of shifters. I loved the banter between Taeyo and Germane. There were great secondary characters but I really wished we had gotten to know more into Germane and Taeyo’s family… or to even see how they react when they all finally meet.