The Baron's Gargoyle - Cassandra Pierce This review can be found at The Armchair Reader.

Jothan is a rather promiscuous man and when numerous rumors of his escapades become too much for even the King to ignore, he’s newly titled Baron of Darkwood and forced into essentially isolation. From the beginning, Jothan sees trouble with Darkwood. It’s a desolate area with no servants and no surrounding village but most of all there’s a creature that’s haunting its walls that only Jothan can see. Either Jothan’s going crazy or there’s more than just a frightening gargoyle lingering within the castle and he’ll do anything to figure out the mystery and how a mysterious young man no one knows exists fits into it all.

This was a rather interesting story in the way it gives the traditional Beauty and the Beast story a twist. I enjoyed the fact that Jothan was very serious about fixing Castle Darkwood up and making it profitable again. While he seems selfish and arrogant at first, it wasn’t long before you realize he just needed direction in his life and being titled Baron of Darkwood and all that comes with it gave him a new purpose in life. Delphas is a very mysterious and secretive young man. He lies to Jothan, acting as a servant, so that Jothan doesn’t figure out the horrible curse that was cast on him. While the love that develops between them is very spontaneous, it was sweet the level of affection they develop and the outcomes brought on by that love.

The story follows Jothan as he figures out what happened at Darkwood a few years back. He and his miniscule servants do all they can to repair the castle while Jothan finds as many answers as he can. He’s also the only one that seems to notice the huge gargoyle sitting in the tower so he takes it upon himself to get rid of the thing. Unfortunately, his efforts are for nothing because the gargoyle isn’t leaving anytime soon. The story was very interesting although it lacked the necessary depth to make it truly amazing. I liked the pace of the story but really wished it had been more descriptive. The conclusion was intriguing and I liked how it was handled but I have a lot of questions around the Castle and the history of how it all happened. Some details are given but it wasn’t enough for my curiosity and the questions I still have to be settled.

Overall, not a bad story. I like this author’s writing and the story was very interesting. The mystery around the Castle and Delphas’ curse made the book fascinating to me. I just really wished it had been longer and more expanded on. The ending might be my favorite part, however, I don’t want to give any details on it because I think it’s best figured out by the reader. All I’ll say is that it’s sweet and made me smile. :)