Lavender Skies - Jackson Cordd This review can be found at The Armchair Reader.

3.5 stars

Lavender Skies starts exactly where [b:Duanta Beads|15744421|Duanta Beads (Quantinum Residue, #1)|Jackson Cordd||21433143] leaves off with Evan leaving his home to be with Rourke and live as a Common. Now sporting a thick layer of fur himself, Evan gets to see the sun for the first time without fearing for his life. His adjustment to his new life is rocky at best, made more difficult by how his fur differs in color from everyone elses, but he has Rourke and that’s all he needs. Left to wonder what skills he can offer the village, Evan comes to realize the Commons are in the same situation with reproduction as the Vaultees and, as a geneticist, he’s hoping he can figure out a solution. Along the way, events happen that cause Rourke to drift away and a lack of communication and cultural differences threatens their fledgling relationship.

I’m a bit confused on why this series is separated into multiple stories when they could most likely easily make up a full novel when completed. Regardless, I liked this one a lot. Not only do we get thrust back into this world with it’s fascinating occurrences and how different the world is after the Bang but we get to explore more of Rourke’s culture. It was interesting to see how Evan fit in with the Commons and how people reacted to him. Rourke has quickly became my favorite character in his simple ways and feelings. He adores Evan and is hurt by some of the things Evan unintentionally does. I liked Evan as well but the way he thinks sometimes makes me want to just shake some sense into him.

This book follows Evan as he gets accustomed to Rourke’s culture and the language. It was interesting to see how he settled in but then how he went back to his own people to get them to follow his lead. Both species (if you can even call them that) are facing the same problems and if they just merged their talents and knowledge, they could get their problems solved. Beyond that, where the first story is of Rourke and Evan getting to know each other, this one shows how their feelings can be misconstrued and causes some confusion. I found it very sad because it hurt Rourke more than it hurt Evan, who didn’t realize what his actions were doing.

In some ways, I liked this story better than the first one, especially since we get to see so much of the Commons culture and how things work with them. However, a big conflict within the story was a lack of communication, which I’m not much of a fan of, but also towards the end, Evan started to become a bit too obsessive over a friend he had while he was living underground. I grew slightly annoyed by that because it makes me think sometime in the future, a move will be made that I won’t like, which dampened my enjoyment a bit. That’s just me, though, so chances are, other readers won’t be thinking that way. Aside from that, this story had some of the same problems as the first one, where a lot of head-hopping takes place and an abrupt ending, which I was a bit baffled at. I don’t quite agree with Evan’s reasoning towards something and I’m wondering how their lack of communication and cultural differences will be fixed so that Evan can convey his wishes towards Rourke. I’m also wondering, as Evan being a scientist, why he did not warn the others he injected about symptoms they should look out for with their change.

All in all, I really did enjoy the story. I don’t quite agree with some of it but I can’t deny this series absolutely fascinates me with the world and how much I’ve come to love Rourke. The relationship between Rourke and Evan develops a bit further and I loved getting to know the customs and ways of Rourke’s people. I’m looking forward to the next in the series and seeing how the story progresses from there. I’m also secretly hoping that Jimbo gets a man of his own... maybe Kenneth?? We shall see and hopefully soon!