Maybe This Time - Eva Clancy This was a very sweet story about 'the one that got away'. For those who like those types of stories will really enjoy this one. I liked it a lot but I also felt like the lead up to their feelings and emotions was a bit lacking.

It was interesting to see Rob and Will meet every nine years and how their feelings never actually dissipated. I really loved those moments when they wanted to act on their attraction but something always got in their way. I really wished this story had been longer, though. Seeing their attraction develop, what they do with it after they get together, if they actually 'make' it even though it is obvious they are meant to be together. The story is good but more depth would have made it better. As such, it misses the connection I could have gained with both characters had the story went deeper into Rob and Will and their new found relationship.

This was a cute little short story and the only thing stopping this story from being great is the lack of depth to the characters, their emotions and their eventual relationship.