Stolen Hearts - Sasha L. Miller This was a refreshingly cute story about Callisto who comes to Mervyn seeking help when a wizard steals his heart and replaces it with a charm that drains Callisto's energy. Mervyn is willing to help him but to do that he needs expertise from another fairy, who just happens to be Callisto's estranged brother, Denzil. Denzil and Mervyn do everything they can to get Callisto better before the mysterious wizard drains all of Callisto's life-force. In the meantime, they enlist some help from an Investigator friend to find the corrupted wizard and stop him from doing to other faeries what he did to Callisto.

I really adored this story. It's cute and easy to read with a few funny and lighthearted moments. I loved Callisto and how vulnerable he was. He was brought up to hate and fear wizards and as Mervyn is a wizard, he was afraid to ask for help. At first, he's just this drained man who can't do much but over the course of the book, he gets better and starts to blossom. I loved the fact he blushed whenever Mervyn was around and loved it even more when Mervyn would purposely tease Callisto so that he would blush. It was just so adorable. Mervyn, on the other hand, is very absentminded and stuck in his work but he lives to help faeries even though they don't trust him. When it comes to Callisto, he's happy to help him and realizes there's this connection between them.

My only issues with the story is that the world building is a little weak, making me confused at times because it's not really explained nor explored. Besides that, I wish there had been more romance. What there is I found extremely sweet but I would have like to explore Mervyn and Callisto's budding relationship a little more after they decide to take things further.

In the end, this was a very good book that I'm glad I read. I don't know how else to describe it besides cute and lighthearted. It was different than anything else I've read especially the conflict that Callisto has to go through, which is why I considered it to be refreshing. It's very easy to read and flows nicely and besides the fact that I felt things could have been a little deeper and fleshed out, I still enjoyed it very much. I hope we get the sequel soon because Denzil and Malone (the Investigator friend) definitely had some vibes going on between them and THAT story will be fun to read!